Goals Beget Dreams Beget Goals Beget Dreams…..

I found this very motivating. Don’t be afraid to dream.


On one of our long walks that we did, as part of our preparation for the Rwenzori climb, I got talking with one of my colleagues, and oh the dreams we dreamed! Excited by the prospect of climbing Rwenzori, we started seeing ourselves take on another mountain next year. Maybe we will climb Mount Kilimanjaro. And then we thought, why not climb one mountain in each of the East African countries, one year at a time? And then we thought, why don’t we actually do a mountain tour of Africa? That would be a great way to both keep in shape, but also to discover and learn about our continent in a new way, and then we could even write about our mountain tours! And maybe our writing would turn into a book. A book with tales of all our climbs. Anddreams then we envisioned a book launch. A glamorous…

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