World Poetry Day and Writing Contest

Last Sunday, I traveled to Kabale with two amazing poets to facilitate and inspire students at a Language day festival. It was the beginning of our World Poetry Day celebrations.

You might have read my poems On the bus and Journeying which were about my trip. I’ll be posting some photos soon of beautiful Kabale but for now you can read about my experience there here.

One of the poets I traveled with, Beverley, is the founder of Babishai Niwe poetry foundation (the organization under which we traveled and which gave me the opportunity). Anyway, Bev holds an annual poetry award for African poets on the continent and in the diaspora. It’s a great experience and opportunity for poets (the winner also gets $1000 :-)). I thought you guys might be interested in checking it out here.

Keep calm and write poetry 🙂
you are being loved ❤


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