Happy Easter-Jesus’ (Com)passion

The real story of Christ’s death abd resurrection can be found in the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible talks about Jesus, who is God, and explains all of the questions that we have concerning who God is and what sort of relationship He desires with man. From what I read in the Bible and what I experience in my life today, I am certain that God is a loving God not a big-eyed judgey person that I was raised to be afraid of and run away from. The death and resurrection of Jesus(the real reason for Easter not the bunnies or eggs; -) ) happened to restore the Father-daughter, Groom-Bride relationship that God desires with me and had been marred by the existence of sin. Jesus overcame sin and death.
I’ll write more on the subject in another post but for now here’s a piece I wrote in 2011 based on the Biblical story of Christ’s crucifixion. (For more on the story, read the book of John in the Bible)

He could barely put one foot infront of the other as he dragged himself up the hill. He walked, his back stooped, the wood digging deeper into his open skin with each step. His breath was coming in short gasps as he tried not to faint from the weight and the pain.
Oh the pain!
It was excruciating. It seemed to tear his whole being apart. The soldiers had hit it severely with a whip. He wanted to take off his clothes. It was too hot. He was starting to sweat. The salty drops of sweat mixed with blood which was all over His body and it caused his garments to cling onto Him, making the wounds even more painful. His back was torn. The soldiers’ whips strung with lead, had seen to that.
He looked up to the top of the hill- Golgotha. The Place of skull. A cold shiver went up his spine. Fear gripped him. He was afraid of what he knew was coming.
“Oh God, God have mercy,” He breathed. Perhaps it hurt even more because He was fully God and knew what was going to happen but fully man and therefore unable to escape the pain.

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Be Still

Oh to be still
To be silent
And just feel…

To close your eyes
To the lies
And open your heart,
Not in part,
But in whole
To the truth

To embrace (the Light)
And be entranced
By the wonder
Of His Awesomeness…

Oh to be quiet
Real quiet
(Quitting the queries that quiver in your mind)
And hear
(The light that brings life driving away the night)
That whisper of love
Chasing the darkness
Fear fleeing
Tears trickling not a day longer.

Oh to trust
To be still and to know
That He is God
Nothing is impossible for Him
He is Awesome and Pure
Wondrous, His Promises Sure
Mighty and Invincible
Lovely and Gentle
Gracious and Able
And wholly making you
Beautiful and Righteous
With just one touch
If you will only let Him


A Psalm (4)

May You remind of Your love
Of Your kindness and grace
Of Your works of old
Of Your favour and salvation
Of Your constant consistency
And that You are always here.
I can never go from Your love
It is higher than the heavens
And deeper than my comprehension.

A Psalm (3)

Oh Lord
Your word is our light
A lamp unto our feet
Our life
And when we are beat
We cling
On promises that we know
never fail.
Your word is power
Your word is truth
Your word is alive
Alive in us
May we send forth Your word
And speak life where there’s death
Hope in despair
Love where there’s fear
May Your word guide us
Guard us
Direct us
May we delight in it
In Him
In Jesus
Your Word.

A Psalm (2)

Oh Lord my God
You are the lifter of my head
You crown my life with good things
You robe me in righteousness
And remove the shaming nakedness of sin
You comfort me and wash off my mire
You sing me songs and give my heart music
You cause me to rejoice
You wipe away my tears and give me joy
Your smile warms my heart
You are well pleased with me
And I’m Your beloved
May I walk in Your love
And abide in Your truth
Now and always.

A Psalm (1)


Oh Lord my God
You are worthy to be praised.
Surely only you deserve all glory
All honor
The lifting of our hands
And the singing of our lips.
Our morning meditation is on You oh God
For your eye guards us through the night
Never blinking or sleeping
You have been from the very beginning
Before our beginning You are.
You are the Father of lights,
Your word upholds this world,
From the palm of Your hand we feed,
Your right hand is our strength,
The shadow of Your wings our shelter.
Oh Lord our God
How majestic, how awesome,
how indescribable is Your power,
Your might, Your glory,
Your thoughts, Your reach.
You are Almighty
Only You are God
The stars are Your robe
The earth is Your footstool.

You are my God
All praises to Your name.