Speak (A Poem)

Dedicated to girls who use silent treatment to communicate hurt, dedicated to girls who want to be loved but are afraid to let it be known, dedicated to girls who hope their men will guess what they want and are disappointed when they don’t.
If using signs has not worked well for you,consider using words… (written 2009)
Enjoy… 🙂

speak- blog poem

The wind blows and brings no rain
You make promises and run away
You’re like a fleeting thought
A dream difficult to recall
A star that shines brightly
But in a second is covered by a cloud

You’re as slippery as an eel
Unpredictable. Unreadable
I’m filled with uncertainty
Are you happy or sad
Is it something I said or did?
Does this even have anything to do with me?
You’re like a room filled with smoke
Everything is unclear and hazy
You leave my mind fuzzy –with confusion
With questions
Speak out!
Let me know your mind
Use words, be clear
Let me know
I wish you’d be open
Like a cloudless morning
As predictable as the sun’s cycle
So that my heart may be at rest
Knowing your dawn and dusk
Will you please speak?
And do let your words match your actions-
Let them be mirror images
When you say “okay”
Let it be so.

I love you
Stop running
Be true to me
I’m dying to know how to please you
I won’t judge
Please speak.

you are being loved ❤

Ready to Launch (Poetry Collection )

My collection of love-themed poems is being released next week on Friday 🙂 🙂 🙂 So many thoughts going through my head. Praying for a successful week. Pretty excited.

Here’s the book cover


You are being loved ❤

Love’s Call ( A Poem)

May love’s gentle hand lead me
To the fold of your embrace

May love’s gentle kiss seal me
In the warmth of your heart

May I heed love’s call
And follow wherever it flows…


*I’ll be releasing my collection of love-themed poems next week on April, 17th. I hope old love will be rekindled and new love birthed. ❤