The small things

The small things-

Cool water on a parched tongue
Crunchiness of raw vegetables
Saltiness of french fries
Juiciness of pork ribs
Chocolate fudge…

The smell of wet soil after the rain
Aroma of baking pastries
Clinging scent of baby powder

The firmness of the ground beneath my feet
The coolness of a breeze
touching me with smooth fingers
wrapping its arms around me, refreshing me
The comfort of a friend’s hug
The assurance of my lover’s kiss

The colors that paint the east at sunrise
The milk the moon drips at midnight
The shimmering dew the grass wears at dawn
The smile of my mummy

Rain pounding on a roof
The sound of waltz in a ballroom
The beating of African drums
The loveliness of genuine laughter
The rhythm of the wind when I close my eyes and listen…

Being grateful for the ‘small things’
Hearing, Feeling, Tasting, Seeing, Smelling
Not taking any for granted
Basking in the goodness of Life 🙂

What things are you grateful that you can hear, feel, taste, see or smell?

youarebeingloved ❤


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