Sleep (A Poem)

He comes
Yet with no flamboyance
Just friendly calm
He smiles
And you melt like butter
Right into his open arms

He strolls in
At just the right moment,
To save you from your torment
(Or so you think)
With enough charm
He brings with him a box of rest
A bouquet so beautiful
A fragrance drowsing
You know you shouldn’t
But he lulls you
And you abandon yourself into his bosom

Somehow everything else
Can come later
Your medical appointment,
That pending meeting,
The dinner preparatio,ns
That class,
You have to go to work,
You have to pack,
You’ll miss your ride,
You have to read for that test,
You have to make that phone call,
You have a deal worth unbelievable dime,
You are surely going to lose your job this time…

But he is so sweet this Sleep
So totally irresistible
“Let me put my head down for awhile,
I’ll be up in a few”
Sure you will-
He laughs as he hypnotizes you
Sure, you will.

2 thoughts on “Sleep (A Poem)

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