Little Unseen

According to the Street Child Project, 10,000 children in Uganda live on the streets. The causes of this vary from abuse, neglect, poverty, displacement, war, peer pressure and orphan-hood. There is much contention in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda and from my observation the hub of the ‘street children’ (UNICEF defines a ‘street child’ in three categories: “street-living children,” “street-working children,” and “street-family children.”) about how best to help the children- giving them handouts on the street? donating money to charity organisations that are able to give more long term solutions to the children? ignoring the children until they get tired of begging (‘working’) and leave the streets? arresting the ‘business men’ who traffic some of the children onto the streets?…I have my own opinion(s) on all this which I may share in another post.

This is a poem I wrote while at university inspired by a girl who looked not older than two, who was begging on Namirembe road, a busy road in Kampala town.


Her outstretched hand was almost unseen
She was so small, so unnoticed
It’s a wonder she was never stepped on
She sat like a little shadow
In the middle of the afternoon hustle
Her sisters would harangue each passerby
Leaving her on that hot concrete
To beg some more
And yawn some more

Once in a while someone would notice
Her small fingers would lightly touch a leg
The surprised face would look down at her
Then the surprised features would wrinkle themselves into disgust
The revolted passerby would brush off the fingers and hurry on
Like her life depended on it
Like the little figure was an ogre
A monster ready to pounce

Once in a while someone would be kind
And drop a silver coin
In the outstretched hand
Before she could blink
The coin would be out and into the hands of one of her siblings
She would start to doze
Her tired hand would start to drop
A rough shove would quickly jolt her
No sleeping on the job!

Is there hope for little Unseen?
Will everyday of her life be like this?
It has been two long years
Two very long years but her life hasn’t even begun.

street child

Sleep (A Poem)

He comes
Yet with no flamboyance
Just friendly calm
He smiles
And you melt like butter
Right into his open arms

He strolls in
At just the right moment,
To save you from your torment
(Or so you think)
With enough charm
He brings with him a box of rest
A bouquet so beautiful
A fragrance drowsing
You know you shouldn’t
But he lulls you
And you abandon yourself into his bosom

Somehow everything else
Can come later
Your medical appointment,
That pending meeting,
The dinner preparatio,ns
That class,
You have to go to work,
You have to pack,
You’ll miss your ride,
You have to read for that test,
You have to make that phone call,
You have a deal worth unbelievable dime,
You are surely going to lose your job this time…

But he is so sweet this Sleep
So totally irresistible
“Let me put my head down for awhile,
I’ll be up in a few”
Sure you will-
He laughs as he hypnotizes you
Sure, you will.

The small things

The small things-

Cool water on a parched tongue
Crunchiness of raw vegetables
Saltiness of french fries
Juiciness of pork ribs
Chocolate fudge…

The smell of wet soil after the rain
Aroma of baking pastries
Clinging scent of baby powder

The firmness of the ground beneath my feet
The coolness of a breeze
touching me with smooth fingers
wrapping its arms around me, refreshing me
The comfort of a friend’s hug
The assurance of my lover’s kiss

The colors that paint the east at sunrise
The milk the moon drips at midnight
The shimmering dew the grass wears at dawn
The smile of my mummy

Rain pounding on a roof
The sound of waltz in a ballroom
The beating of African drums
The loveliness of genuine laughter
The rhythm of the wind when I close my eyes and listen…

Being grateful for the ‘small things’
Hearing, Feeling, Tasting, Seeing, Smelling
Not taking any for granted
Basking in the goodness of Life 🙂

What things are you grateful that you can hear, feel, taste, see or smell?

youarebeingloved ❤

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Thoroughly (Give the word a chance)

I thought of the word ‘thoroughly’ and felt bad about how it is rarely used in sentences (not by you but by me and the people I hang out with).

I’ve decided to give ‘thoroughly’ a chance,a day-out of sorts. Here goes-

I love you in ways
That in heaven are understandable
On earth unfathomable

With a divinity I can’t blame on me And a thoroughness only God can see

Thorough, you know
So much more
Than with just my heart
Or hands.
The way a neurologist
Intricately knows the human brain Or the sun the boundaries of the sky
Or the rain the stores of heaven
Or the red Sea the Israelites’ footprints

Thoroughly Continue reading “Thoroughly (Give the word a chance)”

I am He- Poem

I am He

Look no further

I am He

Nearer than your heartbeat

Hearing your silent sigh

Feeling your quiet thoughts

I am He

Knowing your thoughts from afar

Casting your doubts and fears afar

Sheltering your dreams and hopes
I am He

He who loves you.

He who is patient with you

Slow to anger and full of mercy

Eager to give to you

All of me.

I am He.

Written 5th Feb, 2014.