The One who loves me- A Psalm

The one who loves me is perfect.

He’s perfect in beauty and in grace

He is gentle

He is meek as He is bold

His smile lights up my heart

And causes it to smile too

He knows my thoughts from afar off

Some things He gives me before I open my mouth to ask.

He is admired by all the people

Men and women, young and old

They all find comfort in His presence.

He knows what I delight in

He gives me my heart’s desires.

He delights in me

He sings over me and oh! He’s perfect in music-

It seems He authored it!

He makes my heart sing, sing love songs to Him

My lips bring forth praise and I show Him off.

“Here is the one who loves me and He loves me perfectly”

There is no fear in my love

For it is founded on His

He loves me dearly, He loves me eternally

Relationships end based on mistrust-

I trust in Him and I flourish Like a tree beside a stream

I rest in Him and I bloom like a plant bearing fruit

This will never end, His love is steadfast

Relationships break due to finances

One is stingy, the other generous

One earns more, the other less

The stress of having debts

The strain of being unable to provide for the one you love…

The one who loves me owns cattle on a thousand hills

He owns planets, He named the stars

He formed gold and silver

He owns life

He loves me and made me His heir

He is my portion, my inheritance

So no, no financial battles for us

He is generous as He is kind

I came with nothing and He gave me everything

I adore Him!

His banner over me is love

His love beautifies me

His love is the crown upon my head

It is the beautiful robe that all the other girls long to touch,to feel, to wear His love!

It gives me wings

It makes me lightfooted

It gives me hinds’ feet

I climb, I dance, I soar!

Relationships end because of bitterness , unforgiveness, anger

No end in sight here

I have been forgiven of all I have done and will ever do

I have been cleansed

In my lover’s eyes I’m perfect and without blemish

I’m always in right standing with Him.

The one who loves me loves me well

He is in me and I dwell in Him

He understands me and knows my thoughts and fears

He knew me before I was conceived

He never leaves me.

My spirit is one with His.

His Spirit leads me into all truth

His word is truth

I depend on Him

For I am feeble and weak

He is my strength

He has become my salvation

My lover is mine and I am His

I am His bride

He ransomed me and wooed me and won me

He loves me perfectly that’s all I need

I love Him with His love, the love He gives me

Everything I have, I have from Him

Everything I can do is by His hand

And so our love is perfect because He is perfect

Our love is everlasting because He is everlasting

I am precious in His sight

Like a jewel that cannot be priced

He laid down His life as a payment for mine

Restoring me, Redeeming me

He is crazily in love with me

It is passionate, it is infinite, it is-unexplainable

I am the apple of His eye,

He gave up His riches for me,His glory for me

He gave His very best in pursuit of me

So He could be with me

So I could be with Him

He never lets me out of His sight

His eye guards me

In the shadow of His wings

He hides me and I am safe

He is King

Let all the nations praise Him

He is LORD

He will be exalted in the Heavens and on the Earth

He is Sovereign, He is Invincible, He is a consuming fire

He is awesome, yes awe-inspiring

He is great!

Tremble in His presence

Rejoice in His presence.

My lover is mine and I am His

The one who loves me loves me well.

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