A House for Hannah (Part 2)- Kids and Pets

Hannah needs a house

”Jojo whalayou shtandin there for?” Ali asked yawning sleepily. She had been awakened by a certain noise in her room. On turning she saw Jojo standing in the middle of her room. As her eyes adjusted to the lamp’s light she realised that he was also carrying something in his hands. It moved and whimpered.


”Mummy is not back yet.” Jojo responded as if that explained his midnight vigil with Hannah in her  room. ”I couldn’t sleep and she couldn’t sleep.” Okay that explained it. Uncertain who of the two had woken up the other, Ali left her bed.

”Come. Both of you.” And the threesome worked together in the kitchen to get Hannah fed.Jojo sitting on a stool watching, Ali putting the fish in Hannah’s dish and Hannah eating.

After the meal, Ali cuddled her for a bit and gave her back to Jojo.

******************* *********************** *************************

Ali rolled in bed and covered her head with the pillow. No she was not going to get up no matter how much racket they made. she tossed about and finally gave up. ”You guys!” she shouted from her room.

”Well if you can’t handle her, she’ll have to sleep outside in the hen house!” Mum threatened. Then in a calmer tone said, ”She has peed everywhere.” Mum, she’s just a puppy, Ali thought, she could hear Kate giggling.

”Where are you taking that Kate?” she heard Mum ask.

”Well, she slept in Ali’s room. If the corridors look like this, I can only imagine what…”

”What?!” Ali exclaimed getting up quickly. Well sure enough her room was littered-literally. ”Ooooh” she groaned as Kate cleaned it all up in between soft chuckles.”Thank you Kate.” Mum entered and surveyed the floor.

”Aren’t these things supposed to be trained or do their mothers give birth to them when they have potty manners?” she asked. Ali wasn’t sure whether she was being sarcastic or genuine but with Mum you could never know.

”I’ll have to start reading the pet corner column again.”she answered grumpily and Mum got out laughing.

”I guess it is officially morning then.” Ali sighed swinging her legs off the bed.

”Ah!” she exclaimed as she stepped on something soft and furry. she looked down and saw Hannah staring up at her. ”Seriously?” she asked her.

”My floor isn’t safe anymore,”she said to herself swinging her legs back onto the bed and covering herself, ”Hannah needs a house!”

Or maybe not (The storm)

It had been a beautiful sunny day but you and I both know the weather in that city is quite unpredictable. Out of the blue, the sky was a smoky grey, the wind was howling a fast-becoming eerie tone.

Ali got up to close the back door and found Kate sleeping on the verandah with Hannah. an exasperated sigh followed before she tapped Kate.Sleepily Kate looked up at her then at the sky. ”Oh!”

And so they got everything inside as Hannah watched a look of wonder on her face, she had never experienced a storm before. The branches of the avocado trees in the backyard were swaying angrily and as Ali finally closed the door sheets of rain had started coming down. Lightning and thunder. Thunder and lightning.

”I hate storms,”Ali finally admitted to Hannah as she walked to her room with Hannah following closely at her heels. She got into bed which as you’ve probably guessed is her second best place. A soft whimpering punctuated every clap of thunder. What to do for Hannah? she thought. She thought of sleeping in bed with her but that might not go down well with Ma and her bed might smell funny afterwards. She remembered a movie she had watched where a  puppy called Marley was afraid of storms. ”Well I can relate with that” she said. She left her bed and started rummaging through her trunk. ”Aha,” she said getting out an old,warm, orange blanket that used to be her sister’s when she was little. She made a comfortable crib right next to her shoe rack and got Hannah into it murmuring softly to her and smoothing her back ever so gently as she did so. That done she climbed back into her bed and slept off.

Ali got up when the storm had ceased and looked across her room to where Hannah slept. She looked so peaceful and adorable. So small! And her heart just melted like butter in the sun. An affectionate smile played softly on her lips.

”We couldn’t possibly move you,” she sighed and got out of her bed to adjust the crib temperature.


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