Olga Namasembe

olgaWhat did i think about “My love is not afraid”? lets see….

First, I find this book very profound!. It is indeed a tribute to the world of poetry.

My love is not afraid is not just any book on “love” . It is truly about love undoubtedly, but not as the world sees it but love as seen by God in the eyes of man! A book on a fearless, courageous and strong love that is powerful and ardent.

As i read the book i realised that love is not fearful, timid or spineless rather it is bold, valiant and brave!, It is gallant and sure of itself,the kind of love orchestrated by God, Him with/in us and us with each other.

Reading this book, kindled me to appreciate love, as God sees it as opposed to love as the world sees it.

Poem after poem, psalm after psalm the author inspires a sense of heightened awareness that is uppermost and fresh. Contrary to today’s heart-rending literature on love.

For many single, poetry-lovers and christian youth, this book is a must-have. It is full of promise, is bright, and is exceptional.

My favorites are: down the aisle slowly, trust me, choosing you, my love is not afraid,my good shepherd and mother!

I have really enjoyed this unalterable book and I believe there will be many more from the same gifted authoress:-) . It’s been a great read indeed!!