Book launch-Whoop Whoop :-)

The day is finally here. I am pretty psyched to be honest. I have attended only one book launch of the very few that happen here in Kampala and so this might be different from the usual for book launch ‘hoppers’.

I’m planning on having a really good time it’s not every day that one publishes a book(or is it?) plus this is my first book of (hopefully) very many bestsellers.

My mission is to encourage people in the love of God and to discover and walk in their purpose (check out About)

If this evening one person is convinced that they are being loved or one person is inspired to chase their dream and fulfill their purpose, then… well then!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

Loud-A Poem

I am often asked whether I write my love poems for my husband. It’s a funny question really since some of the poems are break up poems or for people in a long distance relationship or even people who have kids and none of the above applies to us.

This poem is one of the few that I did write for him though. 2011/2012.

I’m releasing my collection of love-themed poems next week, here in Kampala (at last) and my hope is that everyone who reads them will have a good memory of love rekindled or a hope for love birthed.

Okay, here’s the poem.


I would like to write you a letter and
hope you understand or
maybe a song would have more power?
I would like to slice my chest open
And put my heart on a table where
We could sit and in detailed fashion
Discuss its intricacies; how the red fluid coursing through each vein and artery
is madly in love with you.

I cannot say it for the wind might dilute it
Or sing it for the birds might steal it
And a little child hum it and then
It will be just another lyric.
So I will be silent and hope
That my eyes show it.