The Moons

Sigh* ❤

MW the Mermaid

Crescent moons
Half moons
Moons of all colours
Counted for one purpose

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Book launch-Whoop Whoop :-)

The day is finally here. I am pretty psyched to be honest. I have attended only one book launch of the very few that happen here in Kampala and so this might be different from the usual for book launch ‘hoppers’.

I’m planning on having a really good time it’s not every day that one publishes a book(or is it?) plus this is my first book of (hopefully) very many bestsellers.

My mission is to encourage people in the love of God and to discover and walk in their purpose (check out About)

If this evening one person is convinced that they are being loved or one person is inspired to chase their dream and fulfill their purpose, then… well then!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤


This one made me get the fuzzies <3. Another good piece by my blogger friend Chester.

chester maynes

I love you when I love
the summer leaves in the
field and all the daffodils
dance like moonlight in my eyes.

I love you when I love
the scent of the pine trees
and the lemon trees are all
yellow like the sun in the day.

I love you when I love
the waters of the ocean where
the starfish and seahorses
play like schoolchildren.

I love you when I love
the stripes of the curtain
and the windows are like a
big screen to the outside world.

I love you when I love
the pancakes in the kitchen
and all the mothers cook
them early in the morning.

I love you when I love
the fire in the darkness
and the fireflies lend me
their infinite twinkling lights.

I love you when I love
the heart of yourself and
you give me all the reason
to wake up…

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The Apex

❤ bestest feeling in the world ❤

MW the Mermaid

The need to shout at the top of our lungs
Worry free
The urge to shout at the top of the highest mountain
To tell the sun and the stars
That we have each other
That we complete each other
That together we win

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Ready to Launch (Poetry Collection )

My collection of love-themed poems is being released next week on Friday 🙂 🙂 🙂 So many thoughts going through my head. Praying for a successful week. Pretty excited.

Here’s the book cover


You are being loved ❤