Loud-A Poem

I am often asked whether I write my love poems for my husband. It’s a funny question really since some of the poems are break up poems or for people in a long distance relationship or even people who have kids and none of the above applies to us.

This poem is one of the few that I did write for him though. 2011/2012.

I’m releasing my collection of love-themed poems next week, here in Kampala (at last) and my hope is that everyone who reads them will have a good memory of love rekindled or a hope for love birthed.

Okay, here’s the poem.


I would like to write you a letter and
hope you understand or
maybe a song would have more power?
I would like to slice my chest open
And put my heart on a table where
We could sit and in detailed fashion
Discuss its intricacies; how the red fluid coursing through each vein and artery
is madly in love with you.

I cannot say it for the wind might dilute it
Or sing it for the birds might steal it
And a little child hum it and then
It will be just another lyric.
So I will be silent and hope
That my eyes show it.

4 thoughts on “Loud-A Poem

  1. dara40

    Lovely! I do often have my husband in mind when writing my love poems, but sometimes I do think of themes for those who are searching for love or have lost love. I can relate. Best to your collection release!

    Liked by 1 person


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