Be Still

Oh to be still
To be silent
And just feel…

To close your eyes
To the lies
And open your heart,
Not in part,
But in whole
To the truth

To embrace (the Light)
And be entranced
By the wonder
Of His Awesomeness…

Oh to be quiet
Real quiet
(Quitting the queries that quiver in your mind)
And hear
(The light that brings life driving away the night)
That whisper of love
Chasing the darkness
Fear fleeing
Tears trickling not a day longer.

Oh to trust
To be still and to know
That He is God
Nothing is impossible for Him
He is Awesome and Pure
Wondrous, His Promises Sure
Mighty and Invincible
Lovely and Gentle
Gracious and Able
And wholly making you
Beautiful and Righteous
With just one touch
If you will only let Him


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