The blues (Poem)

I wrote this one in my teens when I was still battling clinical depression. I found it and it made me smile. Writing has always been a place of speaking hope to myself even in a hopeless state.

The blues
They come
Yet undaunted
By the poor welcome they receive

They creep
Into your heart
Their slimy fingers wrapping themselves around your mind
They dig deep
Into your soul
And drop
Of sadness

They come at midnight
While you sleep tight
They loosely linger
Just above your head
When you awake- KAZAM!
They smack you
Right in the face these blues

They make the sunlight gray
And its rays cold
They make old your new day
They make life seem overrated
They steal your smile
They kill your style these blues

Don’t let them win
Next time morning comes in
Instead of a tired sigh
Why don’t you try
A joyful leap
Out of bed
With a loud
“No more blues
Different hues”?

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