A Psalm (5)

Your love is on me like a beautifully tailored dress; embracing me yet allowing my feet freedom to dance.
It’s made in just the right material, it warms me without making me hot.
It’s majestic, a thing of royalty.
It makes me feel special. It makes me stand out. It never fades, never wears out.

Your love is on me like skin
My skin. Can’t walk out of it. Can’t
walk into it. It just is. With me everywhere. Continually. Unfailingly. It always has been. I just needed to acknowledge it. Rejoice in it.

Your love is in me like blood. Flowing. Bringing life. Satisying. Carrying zoe and spreading it. Your lovingkindness is better than life. It is life. You are life. You are love.


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