A Psalm (1)


Oh Lord my God
You are worthy to be praised.
Surely only you deserve all glory
All honor
The lifting of our hands
And the singing of our lips.
Our morning meditation is on You oh God
For your eye guards us through the night
Never blinking or sleeping
You have been from the very beginning
Before our beginning You are.
You are the Father of lights,
Your word upholds this world,
From the palm of Your hand we feed,
Your right hand is our strength,
The shadow of Your wings our shelter.
Oh Lord our God
How majestic, how awesome,
how indescribable is Your power,
Your might, Your glory,
Your thoughts, Your reach.
You are Almighty
Only You are God
The stars are Your robe
The earth is Your footstool.

You are my God
All praises to Your name.

2 thoughts on “A Psalm (1)

  1. Esther Macdonald.

    Holy Holy Holy is The Lord God Almighty.
    Worthy indeed to be praised in all the Universe.
    There is none like,
    The Most Holy one of God.

    Liked by 1 person


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