Peculiar Me

I like to see other people happy
In a weird way
That makes them suspect
That I poisoned their drink
And will laugh at their grave as I think
Serves you right, you bastard you.

I like to smile & hug
Everyone I find
Yes, strangers too.
Mama used to say,
God gave us hearts big enough
To love the whole world & still have space
I (try to) approach everyone with love
With a smile, a hello, a hug
I’m blest with a wide smile
I use it without sparing
I throw my head back and laugh heartily
And hope the sound will cause a bubbliness
In someone else’s heart.

I’m peculiar like that
Some people find it annoying
Some daunting
Others dishonest
Others keep away
Lest they enjoy it and it shows.
It doesn’t matter to me though,
Whether you want it or resist it
I give my smile & hug & love
It was given to me freely
& it is my prerogative to spread it
Who knows?
It might fall on someone who needs it.


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