Victory in praise

Interesting thoughts on Victory

Beatrice Byemanzi (Bee3)

Did you know that the devil does not know what you are thinking until you speak?

He will put all sorts of thoughts in your mind and keep waiting to hear which one you will empower through your words. I find this exciting. Why? It means that praise is a powerful weapon against the enemy. Because when you praise God, especially during those times when he is bombarding you with lies, you baffle him.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 declares that God’s will for us is to give thanks in ALL things. Now, this sounds unrealistic. Because most times, when someone asks us what we are thankful for, our minds go blank. And why is this? I think most of the time we are searching for something “spectacular” in our lives, and most other times, we have honestly just not turned our minds to being thankful.

But we need praise. We need…

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2 thoughts on “Victory in praise

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