Iridescent (Give the word a chance)

Hello and happy Sunday to you 🙂
Last Sunday I started a ‘thing’ whereby I get a word I rarely use in my daily speech or writing and I write a poem using it. Last Sunday, it was the word ‘Thoroughly‘, this Sunday it is iridescent. I have never used this word ever so I had real fun writing this. You are welcome to give me examples on how to use the word in different ways in the comment section.
Okay enough talk, presenting IRIDESCENT…


Purples, blues,
Lavender, hues
Of Light and life.
No shadows lurking
Rays and bubbles iridescently
Shining, shimmering, showing
Beauty, majesty, royalty
In places it wasn’t seen before.
Opening cases so long closed
Unlocking dreams
Releasing truths and self-worth
Long covered in darkness
In the mire poured over you
In lies whispered to you
By the world.
Now you’re soaring
Casting off shame as you rise
Being cleansed
This Iridescent life
Is coming from you.

******************************************THE END*******************************************

Cheers to Daniel who started following my blog this weekend and his blog title introduced me to today’s word.

Over to you.


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