A House for Hannah (Part 3)- Kids and Pets

July 12, 2011 at 5:24pm

It’s been awhile since we visited the little house on Muger lane. Our friend Hannah has been growing and so has the warm family that looks after her. Of course it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. I mean having a puppy like Hannah is a bit like having your first baby.

Photo from shutterstock
Not real Hannah 😉

The Accident.

It was a weekday just like any other. Mum had to go to work, Jojo to school and Ali had to leave her room for a bit of sun, life and air. That day Kate stayed home alone with Hannah. And oh! what fun they had! Little Hannah following Kate around the house and tripping as she tried to run(whoever thought that dogs could trip?) and Kate finding an excuse to laugh with every fall. It was while they were playing that the rain started and as you and I now know, Hannah gets pretty timid when it pours. So Kate, wonderful caretaker that she is, put Hannah beside her on the couch so she wouldn’t be so frightened. And off they went, both to slumber land. Hannah probably dreaming a puppy’s dreams and Kate a new recipe.

Wham! Whine! It was the sound of something falling and a loud whine that startled Kate. She felt around for Hannah, her eyes still closed. The whining continued and Kate forced her sleepy eyes open.

Hannah lay there, her very small figure sprawled on the floor. She tried to get up and that’s when Kate noticed that one of her front legs was bent in an awkward angle.

”Oh no!” Kate whispered sweeping Hannah into her hands thinking of both the pain she must be feeling and the reactions of everyone when they got home.

Oh the reactions. Let’s just say it was fussy and not pretty. Do take into account that this particular family does not want to witness another dog death and any health scare on Hannah’s life gives adrenaline cheetah legs in their house.

Hannah is growing 🙂

Hannah walked around with a limp for about four days which were made bearable by Ben, a friend and dog expert. Ali had been watching Hannah limp around the house sniffing at tables and chairs until she could bear it no longer. What if their baby actually ended up disabled? It would be their fault for not taking good care of her. ”Oh peaches, I’m so sorry I’m not good at this,” she said trying to keep Hannah from writhing out of her hands as she massaged her leg. That’s when Ben came in and assured her that Hannah would heal with time and there was no need worrying about their puppy having a disability.

It was one of those days after Hannah’s leg had got better that Ali decided to take her out. It was a bright day, not too breezy, not too hot. The sun was up but not blazing. The sky was a blue cloth with soft, white cushions floating on it. ”Beautiful day to sit outside, isn’t it Hannah?” Ali asked plopping herself down on the verandah. Hannah looked at her for awhile before deciding to survey her surroundings. That’s when she saw it! Grass! Perhaps for the first time? Ali wondered because of the way Hannah looked at it then started munching away. Ali burst out laughing. ”Hannah stop. Don’t do that.” She looked around as if expecting someone to be watching before adding in a lower voice,”You are a dog. And dogs don’t eat grass. Goodness what will everyone think?” she asked scooping her into her arms. ”Really Hannah that was so embarrassing”

And so Hannah grew. It became her daily routine to chase Jojo around the house as soon as he got back from school and the little man loved it! She also started her own little game of circling Ali’s feet and snarling at them before leaping as high as she could and grabbing at her trouser leg. Unfortunately for Ali this game was also played when she was wearing shorts so that Hannah’s now really long nails scratched her. ”Ouch Hannah!” Ali screamed. and jumped onto the couch. ”Hannah leave me be!” Kate shouted trying to do her dusting and pull her leg free from Hannah.

But she was so adorable, they just loved to see her play and grow. Maybe this could remain her house after all? Maybe there was no other house for Hannah.


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