Thoroughly (Give the word a chance)

I thought of the word ‘thoroughly’ and felt bad about how it is rarely used in sentences (not by you but by me and the people I hang out with).

I’ve decided to give ‘thoroughly’ a chance,a day-out of sorts. Here goes-

I love you in ways
That in heaven are understandable
On earth unfathomable

With a divinity I can’t blame on me And a thoroughness only God can see

Thorough, you know
So much more
Than with just my heart
Or hands.
The way a neurologist
Intricately knows the human brain Or the sun the boundaries of the sky
Or the rain the stores of heaven
Or the red Sea the Israelites’ footprints


I love you with a thoroughness
That leaves nothing unloved
Your hair, your blood, your eyes
Your flair, your touch, your sighs
Your flaws, your strengths,your smile
Your ancestry,
The descendants in your loins,
Your heart, your mind, your spirit



Like a knife in the wet earth
Like a strong wave on a pebble
************THE END*************

How would you use ‘thoroughly’ in your writing?
Give ‘thoroughly’a chance.

4 thoughts on “Thoroughly (Give the word a chance)

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