A House for Hannah (Part 1)- Kids and Pets

A house for Hannah is a series I wrote when my mother came back home one day with a pup. thought I’d share here with the rest of you. For lovers of kids, pets and short stories.

June 20, 2011 at 7:18pm

This is based on a true life story…actually it is a true life story. An account of the events that happened in a home that will not be named in a city near you.

The characters are;

-An adorable creature not yet a month old. A smooth line of black from the back of her head to the end of her tail and lightening to the rest of her body so that she seems as though her fur were a mixture of pepper and brown sugar. From this point on known as Hannah. The inspiration for this tale.

-A house helper who enjoys a good laugh, from this point on known as Kate.

-A ten year old handsome boy who loves pets, from this point on known as Jojo

– A twenty year old beautiful girl who adores puppies and sleeping, from this point on known as Ali.

– The mother of the boy and girl who is afraid of every living, talking thing that is not human but her love for her children supersedes this fear, from this point on known as Mum.

Hannah comes home

Mum came home late one night after a tiring day at work. Kate opened the door but Ali just rolled around in her bed and drifted off again to the next dream. ”Ali, Ali” mum nudged her awake.

”Hi mum,welcome back” Ali murmured. Mum stood over her with a look akin to joy. ”I brought home a puppy.” she whispered making Ali think of the tones the cattle must have used in the manger where Christ was born. ”Leilah’s dog gave birth and she’s giving away the puppies so I asked her for one and I’ve brought it home.” Ali sat up and looked at the clock on her phone. ”Ma, it’s almost midnight! Are you sure?” (Meanwhile Kate had already run off to buy milk from the mart and now she returned in high spirits. She started mumbling to herself what container would make the best dog dish and giggled like a little school girl in between her monologue). Finally a nice box was made warm for the new pup and the twosome went off to bed at about one for Ali had stayed put giving sleepy orders from her bed.

*It is important to note at this point that it had been awhile since this particular household had had any pet at home because three pups had died in a row leaving the family scarred and traumatised. It was very important to them that this new one live to a good old dog age.

We’ll call her ”Hannah”

”Mummy, you brought us a puppy” Ali woke to Jojo’s excited banter which went on for all the time that he prepared for school. It included asking if they should get the pup a toothbrush, when are they building it’s kennel, Ali have you seen him? At which point Ali left her bedroom and carried the beautiful creature. She looked into her eyes and it was love at first sight. ”Harold aren’t you the handsomest creature ever?”

”Harold is a funny name for a dog. Do we have to name it something human?” Mum said jumping onto the couch both feet first as Harold/puppy followed Ali around the living room.

”Do you know if it’s a girl or boy?” Jojo asked

”Well if it’s a girl we’ll call her Hannah”

”Why don’t we call her Hilary? It’s a unisex name.” (well Jojo is very clever but he doesn’t yet know it and Ali wasn’t about to tell him)

”No. Harold or Hannah. He doesn’t look like a Hilary.”

”Well he’s not yours alone” Mum said fairly.

Ali hmphed and escorted Mum and Jojo out. On coming back she found Harold/puppy curled up next to Kate on the couch. Her jealous juices started to rise into her throat but she pushed them down. First things first.

”Kate, do you know how to tell whether it is male or female?”

Kate nodded and did an expert scientific check up. ”It is a she.” She announced with a chuckle(Kate laughs at every and anything). Ali carried her from the couch and kissed her small head. “Hannah” she said,a smile in her voice. “We’ll call her Hannah”

*After this moment, the ownership of Hannah was shared among the three. Mum would lock herself in her room whenever Hannah was about, shrieking in fear and muttering rushed protect-me-from-her-prayers under her breath… Jojo would make Ali escort him and Mum in the morning so he could carry Hannah and Ali would bring her back. Hannah’s favourite place was Ali’s room where she crawled under and into everything. Kate, well let’s just say they had an amazing ‘sit there and watch me cook’ sort of relationship.


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