I hope our Love stays-Poem

I wrote this out a couple of days ago. I’m trying to incorporate my mother-tongue Luganda into my work and hopefully soon be able to write a completely Luganda poem.

Here it is;

I hope our love stays

Through the test of time

Even in the days

When naysayers while their hours

Muttering and sneering

Ahh abo batigya

Nekyo kija kugwa

I love you with a passion

Only God could have fashioned

With such devotion, desire, fire

That if it were to be paused

(This love)

Or stopped

I would like a car at 180kph,

Abruptly hitting a wall,

Have my breath instantly cut off

My life-death

No, not even the airbag would save me

They would pat my hand

Ekyo ki guy nakirabirawo

Eyo ye Kampala, bibaawo

Ogya kufuna omulala

But that would not be true

Whatever guy I find

Would not be you

His heart wouldn’t be mine

It wouldn’t fit perfectly in my chest Where yours now nests

It wouldn’t know my vein work

How your blood courses through mine

And mine yours

How your very breath Is me breathing in and out- living

How your eyes know me

And say things

That cause my feet to tingle

Even before your lips find mine

How could anyone else

Be sunlight, moon and stars all at once?

And how could I be anyone else’s but yours?

I hope our love stays

Even to the end of days

When the sun leaves sky

And the moon is banished

I hope our love stays


What do you guys think?


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