I did a crazy thing- Help

I just went and did a crazy thing.

And now you have to help me.

No, I haven’t committed murder. I’ve watched enough legal drama to know not to blog about that.

Okay, out with it Roxanna.

So, I decided to have just one resolution this year and that was ACTION. No, it’s not an acronym. I’m supposed to do more doing this year than hoping, dreaming and planning. I made a whole neat list on the stuff I am going to do this year and one of them (second on the list, right after look after my body better-more on that in another post) was to write more and publish what I write. You know, because I say I’m a writer it only makes sense that I should write more and actually have people read what I write. Even though like at times as this it is just a stream of consciousness.

Anyway, the other week I fell upon this writing competition on a website called Muwado. It was about writing a love letter.

I know. Love letter.

It’s been a while since I wrote those. However, I’ve been working on a compilation of my love poems (which should be out by April this year so keep your ears to the ground) so I thought, hey, just a few edits here and there and this could be a love letter.

Well, I forgot all about it until today and when I remembered I did. I wrote the love letter and submitted it to the website.



That was about one hour ago. I checked just a few minutes back for a way to edit it and change some of that mushy stuff but there was no provision for edit.

Double darn.

Okay, I said to myself. Since it’s already up I might as well admit to it and rally in the votes.

Here it is My Love is Not Afraid.

I will appreciate it a lot if you like and share it on social media (that’s how this competition is won).

I will appreciate it even more if you leave a comment for me here on what you think of the content, style etc of the writing.

I’m all ears.


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