BIRELLA…I want me some!

“Why do you make this juice?” Nandi asked me in that non-toddler serious way that she asks questions.

She was sitting across the desk from me at work. I had armed her with papers, markers and a cup of Birella. Bring-your-daughter-to-work day was going pretty well so far. (Oh, Nandi is not my daughter. She’s a friend’s daughter but she hangs out at my desk once in a while when she comes to the office)

Anyway, I reply slowly and carefully because Nandi is pretty intelligent and I can’t just brush off her question.

“I like juice”

I must have given the right answer because she smiles and says, “I like juice too”

I giggle, happy, the way you get when you find someone with whom you have a similar interest.

“I really like juice” I repeat now beaming.

“I love juice” she beams back and then her eyes turn serious and she continues (and I do not exaggerate the seriousness in her eyes or tone) ” but I’ve never had juice like this before.”

My eyes and throat did some weird emotion tingly thing but I just smiled at her. She sipped her Birella and I went back to typing on my laptop.

There are many reasons why Birella started but that right there is one of those out of the blue things that God does to keep Birella on her feet and running.

I mean no matter how nonchalant you are, when a three year old tells you she likes your product, no, when she says she’s never had anything like it, you melt and then go make some more of the stuff.

For someone reading who does not know what Birella is-

Birella_Final Logos-03

Birella is Fresh Fruit Juice made by Birella Ltd a company that my hubby and I recently started.The story of the logical reasons why, when, how we started selling fresh fruit juice as a business will come in the next post. This particular post isn’t about logic but about love.

As I told Nandi, I love juice. I love juice. I love juice. I loooove fresh fruit juice.

I’ll tell you just two reasons why for now;

1) I’m not a hot drinks person. I hardly take hot tea or coffee or porridge or cereal. By hardly I mean, I can take a week without drinking anyof that. I’m all for hydration though, thanks to my mother’s upbringing and I have developed the habit of drinking and drinking and drinking some more. Since I’m not interested in hot drinks and sometimes get bored with cold water, my next best thing is juice πŸ™‚ Tasty, tasty.

I love the smoothness. I love the coolness. I love the fruit that I taste. It just makes me really excited thinking or even writing about it.

2) I need lots of fruit in my body but I can only eat so much. I’ve had a challenge most of my life with my “immune system”. I used to get these very painful swellings and wounds in my mouth that would hurt so bad. I could spend a couple of days not talking (or singing :-/). The doctors (and my mum) would say eat more vegetables, eat more fruits, that’s all you can do about it. I’ll tell you the truth, I am a veggie eater. I munch on those vegetables like a cow. I can eat a whole bowl of vegetable salad-yum, yum! I was doing my best. Fruits on the other hand, a girl can only eat so much fruit without getting nauseated. At least this girl.

Fresh fruit juice was my solution!

It’s tastier ’cause you can play around with the recipes of cocktails.

And most importantly- more fruit consumed per minute ;-).

Being a Juice lover as evidenced above, I have two options;

1) Stock partly natural packed juice from the supermarket which would be more than a bit expensive and not as nutritious.

2) Make my own natural juice at home.

Having reached this far in my article, I feel that I owe it to you to come clean. When I write what I’m about to write though, I ask that you do not judge me.

I do not enjoy making juice. In fact, I avoid making juice as much as I can.

I wash the fruits, peel them, chop them up but that’s about it. That’s all I can go through with.

So, who makes this juice Nandi was talking about?

My husband.

Yep, and he LOVES it (I don’t know why, I really haven’t figured it our yet). He’s the Juice Guru.

He does it slowly and beautifully. He takes his time with it. Blending this, squeezing that. Mixing the colors, orange, red, yellow, stirring…It’s like an art to him. He comes up with these weird recipes which you would never think of and they work!

Well, that really just works out great for me.

He makes the juice. I taste it, nod my head in approval and sell it off.

So, it works out great for you too because I sell it to you.

I sell it in cups, I sell it in jugs. I sell it in jerrycans. I sell it to all the juice lovers everywhere. I sell it to non-juice lovers and convert them ’cause it’s too good not to share πŸ™‚

I love juice but I really love this particular juice.

It’s smooth, it’s delicious, it’s healthy, it’s fun. It’s made with passion and devotion.

After taking the first sip (or gulp πŸ˜‰ ) you’ll literally never stop saying “I want me some Birella!”

9 thoughts on “BIRELLA…I want me some!

    1. The juice is brought to you (we try to maximize on convenience :-)). You place an order and have it delivered to where you are.
      To place an order call 0705187980/0705367027 or just go to our Facebook page Birella and post an order.

      Hahahaha yes, I too think the logo is fab πŸ˜‰


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